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Premier Pool Management

Position:Life Guard, Cleaner
Hourly wage:$15 - $16.5/hour
Housing:Employer does not provide
State:Maryland (MD)
City:Ocean City
Start Date:
End Date:16/09/2024
English level:Intermediate
Hiring via:Skype interview

Job description

The employer also offers positions for pool cleaners. If some of your friends want to join you but do not want to work as lifeguards, they can also register. Pool cleaners have a different schedule than lifeguards: they work on 3 shifts (cca 6:30-10am, 12-2pm, after 4pm). They work a minimum of 56 hours/week.

CPO (Certified Pool Operator) class will be held in Prague. The cost of this course is $350 (first time students – valid for 3 years) or $250 (returning students) — it will be used as a bonus (MINUS $75 for books and class) if a student has no issues all summer (i.e. THEY DON’T LEAVE EARLY, NO CELL PHONE USE, NO LAPTOPS, NO BEING LATE, KEEPING CORRECT CHEMISTRY, NO SLEEPING AT WORK, NO PUSH-UPS OR SIT-UPS INSTEAD OF WATCHING THE POOL), they will get $250 back.

Wage and housing


  • 1st time guards: $15 – $16
  • returning guards: $16.50 & up
  • cleaners: $16
  • returning cleaners: $16.50

Cleaners get 56 hours weather permitting, lifeguards 50-55 hours weather permitting.
There is overtime 1.5 x wage
Bonuses will be paid out of money paid for CPO class IF YOU PASS the class.



  • Start date no later than May 24 – $1100
  • Start date no later than May 31 – $700
  • Start date no later than June 7 – $550

Rate $15/hour, 50 – 55 hours/week


  • Start date with no financial bonus

Rate $16/hour, 55 hours/week
Secondtimers $16.5/hour


Students will be given contact information to landlords for housing by the employer.

Students can find long-term rentals in hotels or motels. There is plenty of student accommodation available in the area, average price is $150-200/week. We can also contact our participants from previous summer seasons, who found housing by themselves and could recommend their landlords.

Transport and location

Things to do

Activities: beach time, water sports, surfing, fishing, sailing, volleyball, picnicking, free night movies and concerts on the beach during the summer, art, craft and cultural fairs and shows, the Ocean City Air Show, dolphin watching and boat trips to Assateague Island. Shopping in Ocean City’s outlets, malls, boutiques or antique shops.

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