Otwarte Pn-Pt 9-16

Boucher Brothers

Position:Beach service
Hourly wage:$13/hour
Housing:Employer provides
State:Virginia (VA)
City:Virginia Beach
Start Date:03/06/2024
End Date:16/09/2024
English level:Intermediate
Hiring via:Skype interview

Job description

The main responsibility will be setting up the beach for our guests. This includes arranging lounge chairs, umbrellas, and cabanas to create a comfortable and luxurious experience for our visitors.

Depending on the location, we also provide folding chairs, sand chairs, or beach beds. Alongside the setup, our employees will assist guests, explaining safety guidelines when it comes to our equipment, and ensuring they have a safe and pleasant time. They’ll also handle cash or card transactions, record rentals on paperwork provided.

To excel in this role, candidates should be physically capable and prepared to lift objects weighing up to 50 pounds and working long hours under the sun. They’ll be provided with the uniform that includes a blue staff shirt, a hat, and a fanny pack featuring our company logo. Additionally, a nametag and a clipboard will be part of the package.

The cost of the uniform package will be deducted from their first paycheck or can be spread across the first two paychecks, based on their preference. The beach attendants will have to purchase their own closed-toe shoes (sandals/flip-flops are not permitted during working hours for safety reasons), and black shorts.

Wage and housing


Our beach attendants will receive $13.00/hr + TIPS

Uniform price: $30


$120/week (no deposit)

Transport and location

Things to do

Virginia Beach is a popular destination for J-1 students, and it offers a wide range of activities to enjoy like skydiving, parasailing, jet ski, mini-golf, along with attractions such as the Atlantic Fun Park.

The best part is that all these exciting spots are conveniently located on Atlantic Avenue, spanning 40 streets, just steps away from the beach. It’s a bike-friendly area, which means that they can easily rent or buy a bike to commute to work and explore the surroundings.

When it comes to amenities, Virginia Beach has multiple grocery stores, laundry places, and a shopping mall nearby, making it convenient for their daily needs.

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